Best Supporting Actress - 2017

TOP 5:

1 - Michelle Williams - Manchester by the Sea

With great reviews from Sundance Michelle is now the safest bet to a lock for a nomination, and she was already nominated 3 times and never won. This could be her year.

2 - Laura Dern - The Founder

In one of the most oscar-appealing movies that will be released this year, Laura Dern will play the wife of MacDonald's founder. She is also due to some recognition by the Academy, so she's in a very good position right now.

3 - Nicole Kidman - Lion

With a great release date in November, and the power of The Weinstein Company (that will certainly campaign for Lion), this is the role that may stand out, and Kidman in a drama can certainly deliver a great performance.

4 - Brie Larson - Free Fire

She already has an Oscar and she certainly came to stay. She has a great talent and her performance will certainly make people talk about it, so she's in the run now.

5 - Margot Robbie - Suicide Squad

Margot is a rising star and even if this kind of roles usually go unnoticed by the Academy, people still remeber that Heath Ledger won the Oscar for playing The Joker in a Batman movie, so this is possible and by the looks of it Margot will steal the show.


6 - Kristen Stewart - Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

Directed by Ang Lee, this movie is one to watch, and if Kristen gives a strong performance then she will definitely enter the race.


Kate Winslet - Collateral Beauty; Rachel Weisz - Deep Water


Best Animated Feature - 2017

TOP 5:

1 - Finding Dory

As of now this is almost a lock for a nomination, with it being one of the most anticipated animation movies this year, and being the long-awaited sequel for Finding Nemo. Also it has the backup of Pixar and Disney.

2 - Trolls

Being released in November by DreamWorks Animation says already something about it's potencial, plus a cast full of stars and a movie based on toys that people already know and love, it will almost have a space between the other nominees.

3 - Zootopia

Despite being released in March, it grossed almost 1 billion dollars worldwide and it has a worldwide acclaim that won't be forgotten when the nominations are revealed, plus it will have all the support from Disney.

4 - Loving Vincent

It's the world's first painted animation feature and it took over 100 artists to hand paint this movie about Van Gogh. It this isn't enough to consider this to enter the nomination list then nothing is.

5 - Sausage Party

An animation movie for adults with alive food will certainly have people talking about it. Will it be enough for a nomination? Maybe. Only its release in August will show the potencial.


6 - Sing

With a Christmas release date and a voice cast that includes Scarlett Johansson, Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane and John C. Reilly this will certainly try to get a nomination.

7 - Kubo and the Two Strings

The mystical plot about this movie could be an advantage in terms of it's competition, but only time will tell.


Storks; The Secret Life of Pets; Moana; The Angry Bird Movies