Best Supporting Actress - 2017

TOP 5:

1 - Michelle Williams - Manchester by the Sea

With great reviews from Sundance Michelle is now the safest bet to a lock for a nomination, and she was already nominated 3 times and never won. This could be her year.

2 - Laura Dern - The Founder

In one of the most oscar-appealing movies that will be released this year, Laura Dern will play the wife of MacDonald's founder. She is also due to some recognition by the Academy, so she's in a very good position right now.

3 - Nicole Kidman - Lion

With a great release date in November, and the power of The Weinstein Company (that will certainly campaign for Lion), this is the role that may stand out, and Kidman in a drama can certainly deliver a great performance.

4 - Brie Larson - Free Fire

She already has an Oscar and she certainly came to stay. She has a great talent and her performance will certainly make people talk about it, so she's in the run now.

5 - Margot Robbie - Suicide Squad

Margot is a rising star and even if this kind of roles usually go unnoticed by the Academy, people still remeber that Heath Ledger won the Oscar for playing The Joker in a Batman movie, so this is possible and by the looks of it Margot will steal the show.


6 - Kristen Stewart - Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

Directed by Ang Lee, this movie is one to watch, and if Kristen gives a strong performance then she will definitely enter the race.


Kate Winslet - Collateral Beauty; Rachel Weisz - Deep Water

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